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What Is Studies95?

Studies95 is a great Technical and Programming community made by Made In Technology company. It is providing Programming and Tech related blog articles. It also gives the best technical materials for learning like coding notes.

Who Is A Owner Of Studies95?

Rishi Patel is the owner of the Studies95 education community. He is a computer engineering student who manages this all website and community. He is an expert in Blogging and Programming skills. Some other members also work on this site.

What Studies95 is completely free?

No... Studies95 also have some premium membership plan for their users. But mostly all blog articles and content on this website are completely free. If you can need personal help or pro services so you need to Buy a premium membership.

How To I Join Studies95 Team?

Studies95 also hires some good bloggers and developers as team members. You can also join us using our partner program. Just apply for the Studies95 partner program and If you are selected so you can join the Studies95 official team to work with us.

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